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Saint Patrick’S Secret

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Sean Ryan
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Mary Jo Ryan travelled over twenty thousand miles, from Ireland, to Australia, to Savannah, Georgia, in search of love, security, and peace. Instead, she found bigotry, hatred, betrayal, and pain; and the nightmare of a secret which she carried alone, until she met Frances Jackson and Richard Frankel.
Frances was an African-American war widow whose courage saved Mary Jos life and whose strong faith inspired her to live above her loneliness. Richard was a combat pilot and Korean War hero seeking the truth in a world of wartime lies.

Richards search to find his brother, a priest who had disappeared in 1949, revealed a Catholic conspiracy and a cover-up buried in the Pentagon. But it also led him to meet Mary Jo, and to help her carry the burden of a secret which she would keep for fifty years. Mary Jo and her two sons became the family which Richard never knew. But his attempt to overcome his own secret shame would lead to a crime which would forever link Saint Patricks parish and a 1961 CIA operation in Cuba, in a countdown to tragedy.

Much more than a mystery, this is the story of a Christian womans faith, an embittered soldiers desperation, and a lonely warriors courage. In Gods providential plan, they overcome a web of lies and secret sins, on their shared journey to forgiveness and truth.

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