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Living the Life You Were Created to Live
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Leslie Nease
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Wholehearted living is waiting for you. Wholehearted living is possible for you. Wholehearted living is what God has designed for you! In her new book, Wholehearted, Leslie captivates and encourages even the most skeptical and suspicious heart among us. I urge everyone to heal your weary heart with words of wisdom, grace, and kindness.Courtney Yates, fellow former Fei Long tribe member, Survivor China, 2007
Wholehearted is a joyful and inspirational read from start to finish! Leslie combines heartwarming, true-life stories with sound principles that reach both the heart and the mind. I was encouraged, convicted, challenged, and strengthened. I strongly recommend this book for everyone who wants a closer walk with God.Dr. Tony Beam, Vice President for student services and director of the Christian Worldview Center at North Greenville UniversityRadio host of Christian Worldview Today on Christian Talk 660
Wholehearted is not just a book, its a real, honest love journey that will move you deeply. Leslie pours her life out on each page with tender courage to point you toward the peaceful and purposeful life that each of us longs for.Gwen Smith, author, speaker, worship leader, and songwriter; co-founder of Girlfriends in God
Cover design by: Chris Comstock of C2Pictures.comPhotography by: Nathan Abplanalp Photography

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