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Practical Christianity

Releasing the Holy Spirit
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Joseph E. Del Giorno
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Is Practical Christianity an oxymoron? Should the gifts of the Holy Spirit be limited to the rectory basement on Thursday nights? Does one have to be Charismatic to be charismatic? Practical Christianity: Releasing the Holy Spirit says, No, no, and no. It puts forth the proposition that those who are baptized into Christ have been given all the gifts the Spirit has to give in potential to be used when and as needed. St. Paul makes it clear that the gifts of the Spirit are primarily for the benefit of the community, but can they not also be used to assist and guide everyday Christians living everyday lives, doing everyday things? To that, Practical Christianity says, Yes! In an informal manner, Practical Christianity spells out how you can access the gifts that were given to you at baptism. If you have already asked for the release of those gifts, Practical Christianity can assist you in using them to help and guide you when you attempt to make decisions in the Lord. You can also learn how to use the gifts to meet the sometimes seemingly overwhelming challenges of daily life. Does joy elude you? Does peace slither away all too quickly? Do you have difficulty maintaining self-control? Well, then read on.

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