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The Royalty Principle

A Guide to Reigning in the Kingdom of Heaven
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Lady Dylyce
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If youve ever wondered, Is this all there is? to your Christian experience, you will be blessed to learn there is more, much more. The day you are born again, you enter Gods household and become a member of His royal family in the Kingdom of Heaven. Roy-al-ty n 1 the rank, status or authority of a sovereign; 2 a royal personage; and, 3 royal nature or quality
Prin-ci-ple n 1 A basic truth upon which others can be founded; 2 an essential character; and, 3 moral standards or rules of conduct
Royalty principle = a basic truth and moral standard, which is necessary for the essential character of royal personages with rank, status and authority, to develop and maintain their royal nature
The Royalty Principle is a ten-week course about the Kingdom of Heaven. It will instruct you in how to fulfill Jesus Great Commission to make disciples as you go about the Fathers business. As an ambassador for Christ, His royal representative here on earth, you will learn that you can make a difference. The Royalty Principle will help prepare you for the ultimate end-of-life experienceruling and reigning with Lord Jesus for eternity.
Inside you will learn about your Kingdom of Heaven:
Lady Dylyce, Princess of the Kingdom of Heaven, invites you to join her in discovering the daily excitement of walking with God.

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