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Dui—Destiny Under the Influence

How Satan Is Attempting to Turn God’S Glorious Bride into a Drunken Harlot
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Jeremiah C. Merritt
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DUI is a must-read for all of those who desire to be equipped to have victory in the war of deception that the Devil has waged against the saints. One of the grave mistakes that the modern church has made is that of minimizing the Enemy. He is a formidable opponent that we within ourselves have no chance of defeating. The reason why many saints are being defeated by the Enemy is because the body of Christ is having such a difficult time recognizing the Devil. The Bible says that he would deceive not just the world, but even the very elect, if it were at all possible.
DUI exposes how the Enemy uses worship to get believers intoxicated with the world. This book systematically breaks down the difference between worship in the Spirit, which cleanses us, and Babylonian worship, which entertains us. It dissects the biblical foundations of worship and how the Enemy is attempting to change those foundations. You may have wondered how you could be a part of worship experiences that deeply affected you emotionally although many of the other participants left these experiences yet dominated by their flesh, spiritually blind, and carnally minded. This book has the answers! It is a must-read for all of those desiring to worship God in Spirit and truth and be found faithful when he returns!

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