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Corrupted Freedom

Our Nation’S Journey
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Joe Wilmoth
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Drawing upon a lifetime of experience as a highly successful businessman grounded in the powerful Judeo-Christian principles he holds most dear, the authors near-death experience moved him to express his concerns for our nation. He explains why your involvement, combined with a Christian perspective, is necessary for our return to a true republic, under God, with liberty, justice, and opportunity for all. He identifies and addresses the major problems we face and suggests a course of action designed to return our country to the shining city on a hill that once it was. Our nation has changed dramatically. Some changes have been for the better, but many have been appalling. We are rapidly losing our freedoms and the opportunities for success that once existed in America. Young people today have far less opportunity for success than did their parents and grandparents. Continual interference by an all-intrusive government in the lives of citizens, and the growing rejection of our being one nation under God have seriously wounded our nation and threatened our very survival.

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