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Pursuing Peace

Discovering God's Peace in a Stressful Life
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J.E. Huckabee
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J.E. Huckabee believes that inside every person is a desire to live life to the fullest. Life without peace is a miserable journey, writes Huckabee. Our lives should include living with purpose and calm contentment, regardless of what comes our way.
Personal upbringing and life experiences mix with current behavior and set patterns in motion in the human mind and heart. These patterns determine how a person reacts to lifes situations. When people venture out to apply the principles of peace in their lives, they begin to transform these old patterns into new patterns, which bring about an instilled peace in place of stress and worry.

Pursuing Peace, quenched in Gods Word and Jasons life experiences, is designed to correct the emulation of sorrow and misery with a fresh mindset of peace, one that radiates from the reader when applied to their life and to those around them.

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