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Leviathan Awaits

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Jamison Fussner
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I read your book. Loved it. Great imagination and story. My wife and I both agree that the book would be great as a screenplay and turned into a movie possibly a Disney movie. Ill send it to Jude at NY Times. Congrats on an imaginative/creative piece of art. Larry Book, music publisher

The facts of this novel are among the best-kept secrets of the world. So much, in fact, that you might rather believe the fiction than the possibilities of the facts.

The story of this savant autistic boys adventures are possible with the help of his admiral grandfather and his ostentatious nanny.

The news of the Russians Lake Vostok exploration will make a believer as the reality unfolds in the present-day media. Hitler himself wished to explore this pristine environment, with its magnetic anomaly. If he had the wherewithal in his time and had accomplished the mission, history may have been a lot different.

You will want to study, after reading the research of the projects contained in the book. What is conspiracy, you decide. The information is public but not widespread. The unconventional relationships form a great alliance that will change the world as we know it.

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