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Psalmist, I Am

Live Through the Many Emotions of a Follower, It's Ok!
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Ray Abner
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Interesting how we experience such waves of emotion and thought. Many Christians, perhaps, feel as if this is not appropriate. The Psalms show it differently. The psalmists certainly share many changing emotions in their writings! Here is a truth about God that is hard to grab hold of He understands! To experience various waves of emotion is OK!
Journal your thoughts be a psalmist!
In reading the book of Psalms, one quickly notices the total transparency of the psalmists as they reveal heartfelt emotions. As guided by the Holy Spirit, the psalmists not only relate their feelings, but also reveal great truths about Father God.
Their paths are not indifferent from our lives today! Our days are an ever-changing array of praises and shouts of joy, cries of anguish and pleas for help, acknowledging the goodness of God or questioning the ways of our foes.
Perhaps we are not capturing our thoughts and feelings in writing like the contributors of the Psalms did. Nevertheless as sons and daughters of the Most High God, we too are Psalmists!
Psalmist, I Am presents emotions and truths found in the book of Psalms. See how your emotions and thoughts of God, as revealed during your journey, align with those of the writers of the Psalms.
Psalmist, I Am will be helpful as your daily devotion, a Bible study aid, for journaling or as a gift for anyone who experiences emotional change in their relationship! May Psalmist, I Am stir your soul as you realize how much you have in common with the writers of the Psalms!

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