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Siblings With Benefits

Book 1 of 'Broken'
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Laura Lovecraft
1, Broken
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Newly edited edition!

Since moving to Chicago six years ago to escape the painful memories of her troubled past, Megan has everything she could want; beauty, success, and most importantly, after years of struggle: her sobriety.

Lately, however, things have not been going so well for Megan. In addition to being worn down from months of painting for an upcoming exhibit, Megan’s lover of the past year, Laura, has told her that she is leaving her.

Exhausted and heartbroken, Megan finds herself mired in one of the melancholy depressions that have plagued her since her youth. Once in that frame of mind, Megan knows a trip back to her hometown is in order, as there is only one person who can help her through it.

Mark has also done quite well for himself over the years. Dubbed by the press as the “bad Boy” attorney for his wild past and legendary nightlife, Mark has it all: looks, money, power, and of course women. From college coeds to CEOs, no woman can resist his looks and dark charisma.

When Megan calls and tells him of her latest heartache, and that she needs to see him, he knows the time has come to fulfill his deepest wish.


Broken is a series of books chronicling the twenty year relationship of two people who are truly everything to each other. When they are together, they feel complete. When they are apart, they feel...broken.

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