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Bearly Hidden

A Brain Teaser Mystery
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Phyllis Eickelberg
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Adobe Digital Editions
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Eight years ago, a nasty fall forced Mattie Samuelson to live in an assisted living facility called Silver Pines. Shes always maintained that someone pushed her, though her daughter, Heather, chalks it up to a simple slip in the rain.
One fateful day, Heather makes her mother promise to stay in the house and out of Oregons miserable weather. When Mattie breaks her promise and turns up dead in a suspicious accident, Heather cant forget her mothers ominous belief that someone tried to kill her. Her grief nearly overwhelms her, but she cant let Matties death go unresolved. She plunges into her own investigation. Instead of answers, however, she discovers more questionsand more dead bodies.

Heather has always loved puzzles, but this one may be her toughest yet. A missing fortune and a discarded teddy bear are somehow entwined in Matties murder, but how? Heather must figure it out and bring order to an assisted living center where assisted dying has become the norm

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