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Referendum for Murder

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Mickey Polansky
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Adobe Digital Editions
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In Wisconsin, the argument is stringent: should the death penalty be reinstated or is it considered cruel and unusual punishment? Its an issue that incites debate; more so, it is an issue that incites anger, whether citizens are for or against capital punishment. Thomas McCormick is a member of the Wisconsin State Legislature. He has seen firsthand the pros and cons of the death penalty, so does he want it reinstated?
Following a bank robbery and the murder of a policeman, capital punishment advocates go wild. The criminal killed a cop; doesnt the criminal deserve to die? McCormick finds himself involved with the protestors, especially when he meets beautiful Barbara Hernandez, a tenacious crusader out for justice. Tom must decide which side hes on, and he has to decide fast, before things get out of control.

With Barbs help, Tom gets a referendum put before voters that would reinstate the death penalty. Not only are Barb and Toms lives threatened, but a certain political activist will attempt to prevent their success through strong arm tactics and even murder. It isnt the ideal time to fall in love, but Tom cant help his growing feelings for Barb. As they fight for what they believe is right, they must also fight for each other.

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