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Where Do I Belong?

A Novel
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Jayne Wallace
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Ginna Aiken just wants to be loved. As a child, she receives little affection from her parents and begins building walls, finding happiness only in her books and in listening to music. At age thirteen, she attempts to take her life for the first time. As the victim of a broken family, Ginna must somehow move from childhood to adulthood, all while on a seemingly endless quest for inner peace.
It turns out that dealing with her dysfunctional family is not Ginnas only thorny challenge. After an attempted rape by a trusted family friend, Ginna discovers a bottle of tranquilizers in her mothers dresser drawer. She swallows what is left in the bottle and begins an addiction to prescription drugs that masks her pain, but clouds everythingincluding her judgment. Ginna just longs to sink her roots into a place where she finally feels like she belongs, but first she must somehow find the power to forgive.

Where Do I Belong? is a poignant and powerful tale about the acts of love, betrayal, and the devastation that accompany a broken childhood.

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