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Making Autism a Gift

Inspiring Children to Believe in Themselves and Lead Happy, Fulfilling Lives
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Robert Evert Cimera
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Despite new research and increased public awareness, autism is still looked at in a negative light. Most books on the subject perpetuate this notion by saying that autism is bad or needs to be overcome, rather than highlighting the positive—for instance, many people with autism graduate from college, attain exciting careers, and lead happy, fulfilling lives. Making Autism a Gift emphasizes these positive realities and tears down the wall of isolation associated with this disorder. With information from hundreds of up-to-date sources, this practical book looks at the effects of autism on the individual and provides strategies parents can use to help their autistic children at home and beyond.
Chapter 1 "Well, I DO Like to Draw!": The Art of Defining AutismChapter 2 "But He Is Too Attractive to Have Autism!": Characteristics of AutismChapter 3 "Funny, I Don't Feel Sick!": Diagnosing AutismChapter 4 "Of Course, It Could Also Be...": Conditions Associated with AutismChapter 5 "Maybe YOU Need to be Modified": Strategies for Addressing General Behavioral IssuesChapter 6 "Why Is Everything That I Like To Do Wrong?": Strategies for Addressing Self-StimulationChapter 7 "Attack Me with This Bananna!": Strategies for Addressing Temper Tantrums and AggressionChapter 8 "What We Have Here Is a Failure to Communicate...": Strategies for Addressing Social and Communication SkillsChapter 9 "Ten Minutes to Wapner!": Strategies for Addressing Fears, Fixations, and RoutinesChapter 10 "One Must Be a Student Before One Can Be a Teacher": General Strategies and Philosophies for Teaching Your ChildChapter 11 "Okay! I Am the Quarterback!": Working Collaboratively with Special EducatorsChapter 12 "Someday You Are Going to Die...": Life After School and YouChapter 13 Final ThoughtsChapter 14 GlossaryChapter 15 Resources

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