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Signalman Jones

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Tim Parker
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The riveting true account of an English naval signalman’s experiences during World War II, including his insider’s perspective on how squadrons of Allied ships defeated the German U-boat blockade of the American coast.
In 1939, young English naval signalman Geoffrey Holder-Jones began his career by surviving a German mine attack in the Thames estuary. World War II took him as naval officer to Iceland, the Norwegian island of Spitsbergen, and the United States. Commissioned as a naval officer and given command of his own ship, Jones then patrolled the waters off Canada and Newfoundland before returning to Britain in 1944. This true story, written on the basis of personal conversations and a scrapbook entrusted to the author 60 years after the war, illuminates one of the great achievements of the war the beating of the German U-boat blockade of the American coast by squadrons of Allied ships that were little more than motley collections of armed trawlers and whalers. With a sense of humor and decency that sustained him through the ordeals of convoy duty in the Arctic Ocean, Signalman Jones has related his story to Tim Parker with vivid observations and an eye for the absurd.
Foreword by Rear Admiral John Lippiett


A message from Signalman Jones

Chapter 1: Early Years – Liverpool and the Great Depression

Chapter 2: At last I go to sea – and on a battle cruiser

Chapter 3: War

Chapter 4: I go back to school and meet Gladys

Chapter 5: Wastwater – the grim reality of war in the North Atlantic

Chapter 6: Iceland, 1941

Chapter 7: Spitsbergen, summer 1941

Chapter 8: We lose our captain but find a submarine

Chapter 9: Aberdeen, then back to the frozen north

Chapter 10: Churchill and Roosevelt order Wastwater to America

Chapter 11: New York, New York

Chapter 12: The Caribbean

Chapter 13: Canada

Chapter 14: Blighty

Chapter 15: My last command

Chapter 16: Thirty-nine steps

Tim Parker

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