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Through a Catholic Lens

Religious Perspectives of 19 Film Directors from Around the World
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Peter Malone
Communication, Culture, and Religion
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Movie texts are often examined for subtexts and for the way that they dramatize social and psychological issues as well as current movements. Through a Catholic Lens looks at the Catholic subtext through a collection of studies of 19 film directors from around the world whose Catholic backgrounds can be found in their writing and directing.
Movies are often examined for subtext and dramatizations of social and psychological issues as well as current movements. Studies of well-known Catholic directors, such as Alfred Hitchcock and John Ford, have made the search for Catholic themes a reputable field of examination. Through a Catholic Lens continues the search for these themes and examines the Catholic undercurrents by studying nineteen film directors from around the world. Although these directors may or may not be practicing Catholics, their Catholic background can be found in their writing and directing. Each chapter, written by a different contributor, analyzes one film of each director for its Catholic motifs. With the recent increase of cinema studies, this collection will be of interest to students and academics as well as cinema buffs.
Part 1 IntroductionPart 2 Anglo-Celtic CatholicismChapter 3 A Song that will not die — the films of Terence DaviesChapter 4 Two films of Neil Jordan — in an Irish ContextChapter 5 Revisiting the Devil's playground the films of Fred SchepisiPart 6 Catholicism, Mainstream AmericanChapter 7 Her Household Saints — Nancy Savoca's SaintsChapter 8 Parables on Screen — John Sayles and Men with GunsPart 9 Catholicism and the Iberian PeninsulaChapter 10 The Mother of all Redemptions — Almodovar's All About My MotherChapter 11 Solidarity, Sharing and Compassion Walter Salles' Central do BrasilChapter 12 Observer of Everyday Life — Carlo Carrera and The Crime of Fr AmaroChapter 13 The Son of Man (Facing Southeast) Jesus Christ in Eliseo Subiela's FilmsPart 14 Catholicism Beyond Europe: Africa and AsiaChapter 16 The Legacy of Lino BrockaPart 17 Catholic, Agnostic, AtheistChapter 18 Finding His Place in Society local stories with a universal and spiritual dimension film-making by Gaston KaboreChapter 20 Jesus of Montreal — The vision of Deny ArcandChapter 20 Sacrilege, Satire or Statement of Faith? Ways of reading Luis Bunuel's ViridianaChapter 21 The Christian Moral Vision of a Believing Atheist — Krzysztof Kieslowski's decalogue filmsPart 21 Catholic-Jewish RelationshipsChapter 22 Memory's Progress - Ambiguity in Louis Malle's Au Revoir les EnfantsChapter 23 Roberto Benigni as Director towards an analysis of valuesChapter 24 Land of Promise Reflections on Andrej Wajda's Merchants of LodzPart 25 Catholicism Past and FutureChapter 26 Following his True Passion Mel Gibson and The Passion of the ChristChapter 27 View Askewed in Dogma — Kevin Smith — a Funny Guy?

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