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Medicinal Plants of North America

A Field Guide
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Jim Meuninck
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This exquisitely detailed full-color field guide, by biologist and herbal and medical plant expert Jim Meuninck, provides identification, practical information, and skills for the location of and use of medicinal plants. The pages of this book re-connect us to our roots and the knowledge that medicinal plants and wild plant foods provide the chemicals every body needs to obtain optimum health and prevent disease.

Meuninck moves the user from simple and familiar plants toward less common plants more difficult to identify. Each of the 122 plants has a color photograph, plant description, and location. Identification of plants are grouped from common to rare in the environment and where they are found: prairies, woodlands, mountains, deserts, and wetlands.

Relevant facts about each plant such as toxicity, historical uses, modern uses, as well as wildlife/veterinary uses are also listed. Additional information included in this extraordinary field guide: explanations of how each plant affects the human body; cultural and ethnic uses of medicinal herbs and cooking spices; others creatures who consume the plants; a list of most recommended garden herbs; web site resources, and much more.

The Author's Notes provide personal experiences and novel skills honed from over forty years of experience. They include: gardening tips, recipes, formulations, humor, successful experiences, and more.

There is no field guide as all-encompassing and detailed as this one, yet it's portable and easy to understand.

(1) What Are Medicinal Plants? (2) Medicinal Plants of Yards, Prairies, Roadsides, and Meadows (3) Medicinal Herbs of Eastern Forested Areas (4) Woody Plants of Eastern Forests, Yards, Meadows, and Roadsides (5) Medicinal Herbs of Wetlands (6) Woody Wetland Plants (7) Medicinal Plants of the Mountain West (8) Medicinal Plants of the West Coast (9) Medicinal Plants of the Desert (10) Appendix A: Longevity Index (11) Appendix B: Jim Meuninck's Top-Eleven Garden Herbs (12) Appendix C: Helpful Web Sites (13) Appendix D: References and Resources (14) Index

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