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What Works for Women at Work

Four Patterns Working Women Need to Know
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Joan C. Williams
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Up-beat, pragmatic, and chock full of advice, What Works for Women at Work is an indispensable guide for working women.


 An essential resource for any working woman, 
What Works for Women at Work is a comprehensive and insightful guide for mastering office politics as a woman. Authored by Joan C. Williams, one of the nation’s most-cited experts on women and work, and her daughter, writer Rachel Dempsey, this unique book offers a multi-generational perspective into the realities of today’s workplace. Often women receive messages that they have only themselves to blame for failing to get ahead—Negotiate more! Stop being such a wimp! Stop being such a witch! 
What Works for Women at Work tells women it’s not their fault. The simple fact is that office politics often benefits men over women.        Based on interviews with 127 successful working women, over half of them women of color, 
What Works for Women at Work presents a toolkit for getting ahead in today’s workplace. Distilling over 35 years of research, Williams and Dempsey offer four crisp patterns that affect working women:  Prove-It-Again!, the Tightrope, the Maternal Wall, and the Tug of War. Each represents different challenges and requires different strategies—which is why women need to be savvier than men to survive and thrive in high-powered careers. Williams and Dempsey’s analysis of working women is nuanced and in-depth, going far beyond the traditional cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all approaches of most career guides for women. Throughout the book, they weave real-life anecdotes from the women they interviewed, along with quick kernels of advice like a “New Girl Action Plan,” ways to “Take Care of Yourself”, and even “Comeback Lines” for dealing with sexual harassment and other difficult situations.  

Foreword by Anne-Marie Slaughter 


 1. Introduction: It’s Not (Always) Your Fault 

Part I: Prove-It-Again!

 2. Spotting Prove-It-Again! Patterns 

 3. Prove-It-Again! Action Plan 

Part II: The Tightrope

 4. Spotting Tightrope Patterns 

 5. Tightrope Action Plan: Neither a Bitch

 6. Tightrope Action Plan: . . . Nor a Bimbo

Part III: The Maternal Wall

 7. Spotting Maternal Wall Patterns

 8. Maternal Wall Action Plan 

Part IV: The Tug of War

 9. Spotting Tug of War Patterns 

 10. Tug of War Action Plan 

Part V: Double Jeopardy?

 11. The Experience of Gender Bias Differs by Race 

Part VI: Leave or Stay?

 12. Leave or Stay? Reading the Tea Leaves 

 13. Leave or Stay? Don’t Dismay 

Part VII: 20 Lessons

 14. The Science of Savvy in 20 Lessons 

15. Conclusion: Jump-Starting the Stalled Gender Revolution



Selected Bibliography 


About the Authors 

 “Clearly and vividly detail[s] the double standards and the dead ends that so many women face in the workplace.” – Sheryl Sandberg, author of
Lean In


“If you’re a working woman searching for the best pocket guide to success at work, here it is.” – Arlie Hochschild, author of
The Outsourced Self and
So How’s the Family? and other essays 


“A must-read book for everyone committed to creating gender-fair workplaces.” – Alice H. Eagly, author of
Through the Labyrinth  





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