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Wandering Girl

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Leigh Splitt
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Nine-year-old Linda McCollough, the only child of overprotective parents living in a quiet Wisconsin neighborhood, loves to ride her bike, hang out with her Brownie troop, climb the iron bars at the playground, and tease her teenage babysitter.
One summer day after Linda heads to the park, she meets Peggy Bryant, a championship swimmer from a middle class family. Soon they discover that they are both seeking the same things in life: freedom and adventure. Against the wishes of her parents, who think Peggy is a bad influence, Linda develops a bond with her new friend that prompts her to secretly launch a plan that leads her and Peggy into trouble, deep within the forbidden woods behind the railroad tracks, where they soon learn that adventures always come with challenges.

Wandering Girl shares the tale of a young girls journey through the woods with her new best friend that teaches them valuable lessons about perseverance, consequences, and most importantly, themselves.

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