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The Origami Grasshopper

Come See the Magic Unfold
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Jackie Marston
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Adobe Digital Editions
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Original Music and Narration included with purchase.WWW. to download.

Its a day that doesnt hold much promise. None of Ians friends are around. When he accidentally comes upon a shop hes never seen before, Ian is off on the adventure of a lifetime. The shopkeeper gives Ian an Origami Grasshopper. The old man explains that this beautiful bug has special powers. Special powers Ian must discover for himself. He heads home with his treasure only to become frightened when a bee starts buzzing around his head. Ian hears a voice. The grasshopper has come to life. Its here that the adventure really begins for Ian. Origami teaches Ian a valuable lesson about the important role bees play in our world. With the help of a magical spell, Ian learns to see his world in a whole new way.

This story is the first in an educational series of adventures with the Origami Grasshopper.

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