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Autor: Dr. Mabel Joshua-Amadi
ISBN-13: 9781481796385
Einband: Ebook
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Sprache: Englisch
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Shatter Your Self-Doubt

Simple Strategies for Developing Confidence to Live the Dream You Deserve
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Praise for Shatter Your Self-Doubt

Shatter Your Self-Doubt will show you how to develop and build a lasting confidence that boosts your innate power to influence others. Read it if you want to develop the unshakable confidence of a champion in any public setting
Karen E. Grant, author of The Million Dollar Image

If you are struggling with shyness and social anxiety in the company of others, this is a must read.
Mehjabeen Abidi, author of Lets Chat Series Bringing Order to Chaos

Shatter Your Self-Doubt will change your life. It will motivate you to take those small daily, weekly and monthly actions that will eventually compound your life into the courageous and confident champion that you are. A great read.
Wendy Baudin MPA SLC, author of Beam Me Up Hottie

The topic of confidence is vitally important in every area of public life, business, negotiations, presentations and speaking. Everyone in business and public life can benefit by studying and implementing these strategies to boost their confidence to a whole new level
Nicole Normand, author of Why Not You?

Many people lack the confidence to be all that they can be. Thats the reason they end up feeling less than, intimidated and inadequate, lacking personal power. This book will change all that and help you to develop and boost your self-confidence and regain your self-esteem.
Dr. Eleanor Wint, author of I Like Me

You will never enjoy greater success and happiness than that which you will experience through the development of self-confidence
Napoleon Hill

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Autor: Dr. Mabel Joshua-Amadi
ISBN-13:: 9781481796385
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Verlag: AuthorHouse UK
Seiten: 122
Sprache: Englisch
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