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Spread Your Wings

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Carol Ann Grant
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When strange dreams of a beautiful woman disturbed his sleep night after night and severe pain caused Aaron Summer to be whisked off to hospital, the last thing he expected was the appearance of his dream beside his hospital bed. The touch of her hand caused a jolt of static to run the length of his arm before he snatched his hand away. You was all he could think to say.
Her name was Aurora and she had the nerve to calmly inform him that the pain he was experiencing was quite natural and caused by his wings trying to break through and that he is, in fact, a Faerie.
She had answered the call of his heart, his heritage. His heart song, so filled with longing that it transcended both time and space to bring her here, to find this lost soul, and assist with his Opening.
I am your destiny, open or die.
Sometimes you have a feeling. Sometimes you just know.

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