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Notes from a Small Planet

Volume 1: India – Thailand – Vietnam – Cambodia – Australia (Big Oz) & New Zealand
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Brian V. Peck
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"About an hour out of Phnom Penh we are transferred onto a mini-bus which takes some time to arrive, but eventually comes. Then driven at breakneck speed on a very dusty road that gets dust all over everything, coming into the city is a bit of a shock as there is no doubt about it that the outer areas do resemble the Third world, but the inner city is clean and modern. We are taken to the King's Hotel where we could choose too stay or go - as I was tired I decided to stay, but without hot water in my cheap room - well what can you expect for 5 dollars. I shared dinner with Isabel and Jeroen - who I took a real shine too. And in the morning I have breakfast with Sarah from Sweden who I had first met in Chau Doc and came on our boat when partly through the trip. Sarah was one of these very assured intelligent young women who had done a lot of travelling as breakfast progressed I kept thinking that her body language was saying categorically too me (was old enough to be her father) or probably any man who may have tried it on with her - that if you mess with me boy I will chew both of your testicles off with one bite. Apparently she was some sort of chemist who new a lot about food and what it does to us, when we eat it. I said very little while eating my breakfast and kept my legs very tightly together".

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