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Autor: Joseph Matchanickal
ISBN-13: 9781482800159
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Sprache: Englisch
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From the River to the Sea

A Life’S Journey from India to South America
Udup was fearless from the start. At twenty-nine, he arrived at the US Consulate in Madras without a clear idea of why he was there. Two months later, he was US bound, with a Fulbright Scholarship and dreams of making it big in a strange new world. The book recounts his journey from a tiny village in Kerala to Caracas, Venezuela, where he lived with his Indian wife, worked in the petroleum industry, and raised three kids. Without knowing the language and the culture, initially his life became a struggle for existence. It was no easy task adjusting to a new environment and raising three Spanish-speaking kids without the support structure of family and friends back home in India. Follow Udup as he makes his way through life in this exciting book that will make you want to embark upon your own journey.

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Autor: Joseph Matchanickal
ISBN-13:: 9781482800159
ISBN: 1482800152
Verlag: Partridge Publishing India
Seiten: 280
Sprache: Englisch
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