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Autor: Tulsi Bhandari
ISBN-13: 9781482800524
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The Autonomous Adult and Karma-Yoga

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The book must be of use to those who look for deeper ways of living and self-development or who are educationists, psychologists, and spiritual seekers. It will take the reader beyond the mental psychological insights provided by the method of transactional analysis for understanding and improving relationships, as devised by Eric Berne, to the spiritual realms wherein hide the true meaning and purpose of human life, works, relationships, and growth. The book will be of interest to those who wish to derive from the spiritual method provided by the Gita the meaning of yoga as applied to human life and its importance in achieving peace and joy amid the contradictions and conflicts faced by the seeker. The writer has studied and followed Sri Aurobindos extensive writings on Indian spiritual traditions, which make the foundation of his integral yoga, seeking a complete preparation of human life for enlarging and receiving a higher truth consciousness and a transformation of human life on earth, which must be mandatory for the flowering of such an aspiration. The book reflects a synthetic approach centered around the Gita and some subtle psychological observations about the traditional and current Indian societal patterns.

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Autor: Tulsi Bhandari
ISBN-13:: 9781482800524
ISBN: 1482800527
Verlag: Partridge Publishing India
Seiten: 202
Sprache: Englisch
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