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Autor: Suresh K Goswami
ISBN-13: 9781482800791
Einband: Ebook
Seiten: 274
Sprache: Englisch
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Burning Sapphires

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Story about one woman who, despite all the odds in life, takes on the responsibility and leads the entire community toward a progressive solution and revives the injured spirits and minds of Kashmiris.
A seven-year-old girl, Ghulab Sahib, living in Machail, is unaware of life and its complications. The Machail village, 9,500 feet above sea level, in Kashmir, India, is surrounded by high mountains, thick deodar forests, and attractive meadows that are fully covered with thick snow for most of the year, except in the summer months.
Living her childhood in this most spectacular village, she doesnt know that destiny is going to disrupt her peaceful life and propel her through a maze of grueling fateful events.

But these fateful events do not destroy herinstead, a woman of great knowledge, substance, experience, and unparalleled strength emerges in the being of Shahzadi Ghulab Sahib, who takes charge of millions of Kashmiri Muslims trapped in the terror-stricken Valley of Kashmir along with 500,000 internally displaced Kashmiri pandits living as refugees in their own country and bails them out, leading them toward a life of contentment, dignity, and pride.

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Autor: Suresh K Goswami
ISBN-13:: 9781482800791
ISBN: 1482800799
Verlag: Partridge Publishing India
Seiten: 274
Sprache: Englisch
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