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Autor: Prakhar Golchha
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The Last Army

The Inevitable Evolution
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How will the things look and what will happen when all the animals will have a brain that is developed enough to communicate with the humans and when they work for them for various aspects of life and war?This may be done through stem cell research experiment sometime in near future.
Where through genetic engineering, mutations in DNA, and neuropsychological modifications, modes can be developed to make the animal brain capable enough to work like human brain and be able to communicate with the humans.
Then every animal will have their work domain as a match to their natural strength, talent, and skill, and will have their place in society.
For example, elephants can work in construction sites, monkeys can help in various things like reaching difficult places for wiring of a building, peacock can be cheerleaders, koels can be musicians, eagles can be spy planes, whales can used for transport in water, leopards can be used for courier, owls can be used at night as a spy, sharks can be used as naval front, and of course, lions can be used for war. And these animals can also be used for different applications at various situations.

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Autor: Prakhar Golchha
ISBN-13:: 9781482801071
ISBN: 1482801078
Verlag: Partridge Publishing India
Seiten: 204
Sprache: Englisch
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