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Autor: Trevor Frost
ISBN-13: 9781482801989
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Seiten: 292
Sprache: Englisch
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Where Leopards Cough

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A true story of life in Africa under extreme conditions where theres nothing to depend on other than your wits and an ability to improvise.A man, his dog Major, and a small group of helpers trucked across seemingly insurmountable mountainous terrain laden with drilling equipment and supplies to survive off the land in isolation for months.
Extreme danger and excitementat times life-threateningabounds, coupled with the beauty of nature and her wildlife.
The author provides his readers with a slice of colonial life in the 1960s, describing progress through childhood, enduring army training, discovering pleasures of the opposite sex, exploring career options, and finally settling into what became a long career in exploration diamond drilling.
It is also a story of love. Shortly after the contract in Ruangwa Valley, the authors isolated and lonely life changed dramatically. He married a beautiful city girl who had never experienced camping, let alone the tough life in remote areas in the bush. Their two sons were born living under these conditions.
The book ends as the young family leaves Zimbabwe, settling in Botswana. The sequel Scorched Sands of the Kalahari will tell the story of their adventures in that country.

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Autor: Trevor Frost
ISBN-13:: 9781482801989
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Verlag: Partridge Publishing Africa
Seiten: 292
Sprache: Englisch
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