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Enough Said!

From Victim to Survivor
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Zubi Adams
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If you make your bed, you lie in it, my parents used to say, growing up in a very traditional household with my father as the head and my mom, the caregiver. When I got married, I wanted moreI wanted some independence. My life took a turn when I discovered my marriage was a lie. In the midst of getting out, I was raped, got pregnant, and was trapped in the marriage. The situation got worse, and the battle to escape was a challenge that I do not wish on my worst enemy. Riddled with guilt of not wanting my son made me overcompensate for the injustice against this innocent child. I was determined to get out even if it meant I left the crime scene in a body bag.
I remarried a loving and amazing man, but my past was an invisible obstacle which made me angry and happy on the same day. My battle to survive against all odds came at a pricepost-traumatic stress disorderand many sessions with a psychologist and psychiatrist helping me to have a better relationship with my son and to get to know myself better with the goal to heal.

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