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Autor: June Mokoka
ISBN-13: 9781482802375
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Sprache: Englisch
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Just Do It

Don’T Stop
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Like most other people, I had struggled and worked hard to survive all my life, dealing with difficulties and obstacles as best I could. I had spent so many years ignoring my true desires, and what was in my heart. Instead, I followed the expectations of others. This book is a compilation of my Top List of Inspirational expressions from stories of people who didnt give up when they encountered difficulties. I believe we were all created to make a difference in our world of influence. Yet, that doesnt mean we are free from obstacles, theres always going to be a mountain on our way, and thats when most people express their fear. You will find short daily inspirational words that will assist you develop a fearless mindset because Fear Is the Root of All Evil. It surfaces itself as corruption, crime, greed, anger, abuse, violence and war. But, all it really takes is devotion, courage; tenacity and willpower to weather the storms of life. You will discover that once you refuse to let temporary setbacks overwhelm you, all that is left for you to do is to persevere, try one more time, defy the odds and JUST DO IT. DONT STOP!

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Autor: June Mokoka
ISBN-13:: 9781482802375
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Verlag: Partridge Publishing Africa
Seiten: 66
Sprache: Englisch
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