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Cynthia’S Diary

The First Quarter
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Ayodeji Erubu
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Cynthia Douglas is about to discover how she was born into substance abuse. Then just when her troubled spirit is gradually conceiving the reality of being the daughter of a wanted drug dealer, her psychiatrist comes out of the blue and turns into her grandfather.
With an ultimatum of seven days to give up her fatherin an exchange for her kidnapped motherCynthia finds herself in the worst dilemma of her life. Would she survive her adversaries brutal assaults and blackmails? Find out, as Prof. Tom Turnbull and Detective Oluma prepare to embark on the daunting task of recovering her mother from a vicious drug-pushing Hispanic brotherhood.

An African short tale set in Spanish-British theme, Cynthia, daughter of Bimbo Douglas, fights many demonsboth within and without.
The story highlights the negative effects of alcoholism, the prevalence of crime, and the law of karma; that justice always finds its course, even though it may come at a stiff price. The story is mixed in swift, graphic scenes, flaunting descriptive prowess, with the authors medical background resonating intermittently

Dr Adeniyi Marcus, poet, essayist.

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