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Autor: Andrew Lilley
ISBN-13: 9781482802481
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The Jazz Style

A Comprehensive Introduction
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Jazz is essentially an aural tradition and is dependent on this method of learning for success in developing a true understanding of the style. It is impossible to become a jazz musician without familiarity of the players that have brought about its development. The only true and tested method of learning this music is to extract materials from recordings and begin to develop skill through emulation. There is no short cut. In jazz, a player is defined by his influences. If one cannot hear any of the great stylists of jazz in a player he cannot be considered to be a jazz musician. The Jazz Style is a masterfully condensed and comprehensive introduction to learning jazz. It introduces the principles of the music and most importantly gives proper direction on how skill is acquired in the discipline.

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Autor: Andrew Lilley
ISBN-13:: 9781482802481
ISBN: 1482802481
Verlag: Partridge Publishing Africa
Seiten: 78
Sprache: Englisch
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