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Autor: Samuel Chuks Okafor
ISBN-13: 9781482802559
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Africa’S Backwardness, Misfortunes, and the Word of God

Why Is African Continent Behind Others? (An Acid Test for the Word of God)
This bookAfricas Backwardness, Misfortunes, and the Word of Godwas born out of serious burden God imposed on me immediately after I returned back to my village from America. I shaded tears and confronted God with many questions: Why are you partial against Africans?
Why are other continents seem to be better than the African continent in all facets of human life except in evil acts?
Why the unending scarcity of water, fuel, kerosine, and other mineral resources you gave to Africans, especially Nigeria?
Why the unending electricity power failures?
Why are all these second hand vehicles, used appliances, and materials in Africa?
Why are all these bad roads in this part of the world?
Why are the Easterners, Christian States, and the Jews of Nigeria marginalized in many aspect of Nigerian affairs?

God, in his own way, lured me to research for the origin of blackman in the Bible. Thereafter, the Word of God arrested me, and the answers to the above queries surfaced plus many other divine revelations; hence today, I am an apostle of Jesus Christ preaching the Word of God. I owe unreserved apologies to God on behalf of Africans, Nigerians, and the Igbo ethnic group in particular hence the introduction of this book to the world. This book is an acid test for the Word of God, and a must read for inquisitive minds, all and sundries.

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Autor: Samuel Chuks Okafor
ISBN-13:: 9781482802559
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Verlag: Partridge Publishing Africa
Seiten: 218
Sprache: Englisch
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