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Autor: Louis Du Toit
ISBN-13: 9781482802573
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Sprache: Englisch
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A Tickey on a Train Track

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The events leading up to the promulgation of the apartheid laws in South Africa often raised huge concern, perhaps more so where the color lines merged. Blacks, being confined mostly to homelands and Bantustans, were regarded as a rarity in many communities. In one such community, the laws meant being suspicious even of your neighbours if they had darker complexions.
A young woman with exceptional abilities but of mixed breed found herself close to, but on the wrong side, of the color line. Church interference and scandalous gossip increased when it became known that she was living with two white men. On regular visits with his father to collect oysters, a young white boy made her acquaintance. Over the years, a strong bond develops. Unfortunately, life-shattering events completely beyond their control overtake them.

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Autor: Louis Du Toit
ISBN-13:: 9781482802573
ISBN: 1482802570
Verlag: Partridge Publishing Africa
Seiten: 418
Sprache: Englisch
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