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Autor: Prabir Kumar Datta
ISBN-13: 9781482811636
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Sprache: Englisch
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The Rainbow Days

An Eternal Story
This is the story of the childhood of a simple boy named Papu in a remote village of Bengal, India, in the last century, between 1967 to 1972.
Bengal, the center of the revolt against British rule, was bisected by them during the independence of India to form East Pakistan (which later became Bangladesh), causing immense plight to a whole generation when many families became refugees. Papus family also came to India from erstwhile East Pakistan, leaving everything behind.

Papus father, a vastly learned man and an uncompromising selfless ex-revolutionary, never ran after government benefits for the freedom fighters and came to the village as a teacher. There, too, he had to fight against powerful corrupted establishment and face huge odds. His mother, who is the daughter of rich parents, also experienced dire poverty. But Papu, a brilliant student, was highly influenced by his father. They all fought huge adversities but did not bow down or perish.

It is the story of that struggle, although there are many memorable moments with loving friends, affectionate parents, serene village nature, and many passionate moments. There are family intrigue of the relatives, naughty activities of childhood, and sad deaths.

All taken together, experiences of his colorful childhood have a universal appeal and is a documentary of a contemporary history.

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Autor: Prabir Kumar Datta
ISBN-13:: 9781482811636
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Verlag: Partridge Publishing India
Seiten: 376
Sprache: Englisch
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