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My Journey & Sovereign United Bengal

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The main features of the book are outlined as follows: 1. A little of the authors life under political situation of India.
2. Did our political leaders want economic growth or power of the Delhi chair? What is the function of Democracy under religious atmosphere in India?
3. What was the status of Hindus now in Hindu Bengal, and where is their future?
4. Economic growth of India went down but Japans went up, why?
5. Why did Indian leaders give importance to religion instead of economic growth?
6. The wonder Taj.
7. How does life prevail in India and in the neighboring countries of India?
It is also being remembered here by the two genius of the last centuryProf. S. W.Sudmerson, a British fellow, who dedicated his life in the service of teaching in a college of extreme northeast of India in the beginning of the twentieth century, and Swami Vivekananda, who had not only enlighten the world by his glorious speech on the religion of Hindu philosophy in Chicago but also had thought of the formation of the present existing India hundreds of years before Independence. Is it one nation of one India of Vivekananda?

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