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Autor: Agam Gupta
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Unfolding Faith

A Journey to the Kumbh
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India is a land of mythologies, customs and rituals. It contains almost all varieties of religious practices known to the world. The KumbhMela is one of the prominent religious practices of Hindu religion in India.
This book has been designed to make you familiar with the various aspects of this great traditionalist Hindu practice. It starts with the legends attached to the origin of the KumbhaMela in India.

It contains details about where and how the KumbhMelas take place in our country. There are four places in India where the KumbhMela is organized every twelve years. Between two KumbhMelas occur ArdhaKumbhs. However, the most important of all where devotees get a life-time fortune to take a holy dip is MahaKumbhMela. It takes place once in 144 years. The next KumbhMela is to be held in 2015 in Nashik.

The book concludes with various details of Prayag, which is the venue of current KumbhMela. In contains details about the gathering, general administration, opportunities as well as threats and suggestion for beter planning

Agam recalls the spiritual caravan of peace activists, Naga sadhus, tantriks, pilgrims, mystical walkers, wandering monks, miracle workers, roaming philosophers, natives of the land and foreigners at KumbhMela of 2013 in Paryag.

The book contains the personal feeling of the author about the Mela, deliberation with administration, sadhus as well as tourists

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Autor: Agam Gupta
ISBN-13:: 9781482812145
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Verlag: Partridge Publishing India
Seiten: 96
Sprache: Englisch
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