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Meeting Game

Make Meetings Effective, Efficient and Energetic
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Mohan Karambelkar
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Meetings take a significant part of communication in business. It can make or break the business. Yet executives and professionals assume that they have the skills or they can learn through experience. However many of them experience aimless time consuming meetings draining the productivity. This book with extensive research provides the solution.
This book considers meeting as a process and recommends achievement of effective, efficient and energetic meetings through system, strategy and synergy.

It blends conventional productivity tools with Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). NLP teaches how to use the language of the mind to consistently achieve specific and desired results. It means a study of excellence. NLP gives tools for communication, rapport, outcome definition and many more.

Using simple language and not requiring any prerequisite in NLP, this book is a practical guide of how we can use NLP in day-to-day life through meetings.

This book derives analogy with sport - effectiveness of an archer to aim at a good decision, efficiency of a sprinter to achieve maximum out of time and energy of a weightlifter to lift action items to the level of achievement. Armed with this book, you can achieve effectiveness, efficiency and energy in meetings.

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