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Courageous Always Wins

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Dr. Pooja Agrawal
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Most of the poems in this book are of inspirational accent. Sweet Smile is the first and the most favorite poem of author. In this poem, the author has tried to express the power of a sweet smile. A sweet smile which costs nothing, but is beyond price.
It can do wonders
It can create history
It can make journey successful
It can energise body and mind.

In this book, there are many poems that are motivating in nature, like Be a Motivator, Lifes Principle, Warrior, and so on.
An author has tried to motivate people through her poems. From her positivity and clarity of thought, she has tried to develop others vision toward positive life.
A positive mind and attitude is the first step toward success. The rest of the steps will be achieved automatically. Never get disheartened from failures. May be it is steppingstone toward success.

Once you fall down,
Will not help you to reach the crown.
But if you stand again,
You can win the whole game.

An author is trying to enrich minds and thoughts of people through her poems. Some poems are of different moods also like a few that are humorous in nature, which the author has written in a jolly mood, whereas some are romantic and about dreamers.

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