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Autor: Reginald W. (Reginald Welbury) Jeffery
ISBN-13: 9781486449187
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The History of the Thirteen Colonies of North America 1497-1763 - The Original Classic Edition

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The History of the Thirteen Colonies of North America 1497-1763 - The Original Classic Edition
Finally available, a high quality book of the original classic edition of The History of the Thirteen Colonies of North America 1497-1763. It was previously published by other bona fide publishers, and is now, after many years, back in print.
This is a new and freshly published edition of this culturally important work by Reginald W. (Reginald Welbury) Jeffery, which is now, at last, again available to you.

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Enjoy this classic work today. These selected paragraphs distill the contents and give you a quick look inside The History of the Thirteen Colonies of North America 1497-1763:

Look inside the book: Character of the menâRaleigh's Virginian coloniesâMotives for colonisationâGosnold and PringâRichard HakluytâElizabeth and James I.âFormation of the London and Plymouth CompaniesâThe government of the London CompanyâThe Virginian settlersâ Foundation of JamestownâCaptain John SmithâThe lust for gold âSmith's good workâEnglish interest in VirginiaâSir George Somers and Sir Thomas GatesâLord DelawarrâImprovements in VirginiaâThe Princess PocahontasâSamuel ArgallâSir Thomas DaleâYeardley and the first Representative AssemblyâThe Company in dangerâThe abolition of the CompanyâA change in the character of Virginian historyâWyatt and Harvey as GovernorsâA land of peace and plentyâSir William BerkeleyâTrouble with the IndiansâVirginia and the Civil WarâBerkeley's dislike of educationâArlington and CulpeperâVirginia under BerkeleyâBacon's rising âSir Herbert JeffreysâVirginia and the RevolutionâVirginia in the eighteenth centuryâRobert Dinwiddie 19

...The colonial share in the capture of CanadaâThe internal jealousies of the coloniesâFrench aggression in the Ohio valleyâGeorge WashingtonâResults of the campaign of 1754âCharacter of General BraddockâSchemes for 1755âBraddock's disasterâThe work of Dinwiddie and JohnsonâThe deportation of the Acadians âThe results of the campaign of 1755âThe Seven Years' WarâThe character of the Marquis de MontcalmâWebb, Abercromby, and LoudounâUnsuccessful attack upon LouisburgâMontcalm at Fort William HenryâThe rise of William PittâThe plan of campaign of 1758âThe character of General WolfeâThe capture of LouisburgâAbercromby's disaster at TiconderogaâThe character of Lord HoweâCapture of Forts Frontenac and DuquesneâThe campaigns of 1759âAmherst's delayâThe siege of QuebecâEnglish despair âThe discovery of the pathâDeath of WolfeâWolfe and Montcalm âThe climaxâThe collapse of the French Empire in the WestâThe rise of a new nation 254

...Raleigh must have appreciated the appeal made by Sir George Peckham, friend of Gilbert, when he said, 'Behold heere, good countreymen, the manifold benefits, commodities and pleasures heretofore unknowen, by Gods especiall blessing not onely reveiled unto us, but also as it were infused into our bosomes, who though hitherto like dormice have slumbered in ignorance thereof, being like the cats that are loth for their prey to wet their feet: yet if now therefore at the last we would awake, and with willing mindes (setting frivolous imaginations aside) become industrious instruments to ourselves, questionlesse we should not only hereby set forth the glory of our heavenly father, but also easily attaine to the end of all good purposes that may be wished or desired.'

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