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Word Up

Inspirations, Meditations, and Prayers to Help You Face Challenges in Life
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Alfreda Brown
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Word Up displays the realities in life, depicting the signs of the times through headline events as well as what happens in the home, on the job, or in social gatherings. Life can be a struggle. There are pros and cons in the ways that we deal with what is happening around us and, most importantly, what happens inside of us. Consider the following questions:

Are we appropriately handling the challenges that can adversely impact our lives?
How can we make good decisions while managing our reaction to bad situations?
How can we ensure that we are leaning and depending on something that is greater than ourselvesour connection with God?
How can we build our relationship with God to ensure that we are on the right track and have ceased playing guessing games with important areas of our life?

Word Up forces you to think with clarity and then gives you an opportunity to do something about your reaction to the bare facts. Word Up helps you to face head on the reality of a situation; it does not allow you to be timid, gloss over it, or just do nothing. Rather, Word Up gives you a choice: do nothing and watch things get worse, or do something and bring the change you want and deserve.

Learn how to deal with situations rather than just quoting the Bible as though knowing and doing are the same. Real change in your life requires faith, and faith without action is null and void. Word Up requires action.

If you really want transformative change in your life, read a topic that describes your situation and begin to bring the deep change that becomes irreversible in nature, a change that you have only hoped for but have not achieved. There is healing in Word Up as you read the Word of God that is so deeply embedded. Allow God to work with you as you read this life changing analogy.

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