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Unnamed Women

Come Step into Their Shoes
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Anita Blough Smith
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Buried deep in each of our hearts are hidden placesscarred places, with unseen wounds. We try to cover them with busyness, or cast them aside as unimportant to silence their pain. But no matter what we do, they are still there.
We find brief accounts of similar suffering in the lives of several unnamed women in the New Testament Gospels. In their desperate longing for healing and love and truth, they met Jesus. Biblical glimpses of these women have now been enlarged into stories that bring these women to life. Their circumstances were different, but their need was the same.

Whether you are just beginning your walk with Jesus Christ or have been on the road with Him for a long time, take a look at these women in the Gospels in a new and fresh way. What if their stories happened like this? The wide range of their circumstances invites each of us to identify with them in some way. Each woman has a message for us today. Come and listen to what they have to say, and meet the One they found is the answer.

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