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The Christmas Chapel

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Barbara Johnson Witcher
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Two nights before Christmas, the city of New Stockford is so paralyzed by a blizzard that folks cant leave the downtown area to get home. Freezing from the icy wetness, eight strangers take shelter in the only building that is openan old chapel on DeLancey Street.Although the chapel has been closed for two years, now Old Ben, the caretaker, opens it so that stranded people might find warmth and peace in what was once an inspirational setting on a historic, now rundown street. Once settled in, the tired and discouraged people are forced to face their lost lives.
While each character is unique, their problems are universalfrustration, heartbreak, bitterness, reluctance, indifference, unemployment, vengefulness and corruption.
Amid the chapels stained glass windows depicting Christs life, a nativity set, and the tall cross at the altarplus programmed Christmas hymns from the old organ, glowing oak-paneled walls, and comfortable if well-worn pews, God shocks them by silently speaking to their hearts, minds, and souls. When they leave, all but one will have found and become committed to a life changing Christmas miracle. And for that one unchanged soul, there promises constant battles between good and evil.

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