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Together Again

Reconstituting God’S Body
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John C' de Baca
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Is your spiritual life just ho-hum? Or, are you a committed Christian who is well-acquainted with the Bible? Either way, this book is for you. Its a fistful of fresh truth that smacks you right in the face. Its an unnerving, eye-opening expos of basic Christian beliefs to jolt you into wakefulness and point you to the truth. Youve probably been committing idolatry unawares. Your ideas about God, death, the creation, salvation, the cross, and other vital issues you thought you knew will be turned on their head. This is not a feely-touchy book on self-improvement. Its a dagger thrust to the heart of what the churches of Christianity have wrongly taught for centuries.
Its aimed at your head, not your emotions or feelings. And yet, its passionately written by a committed, Bible-believing Christian. It wont leave you in the dumps or destroy your faith. It will inspire you to higher aspirations, bigger dreams, and larger vistas. Here is the truth, undiluted and full strength. God wants you to share in his very inner being. But first you must be deprogrammed. You must leave behind the false beliefs in which you were indoctrinated. This book will help you do just that.

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