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Are Psychics of Satan?

The Stargazer or the Star Placer, Who Are You Going to Believe?
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Valerie Thierry
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People wonder what the future holds for them; they would no doubt like to know for certain. But is it possible? It may be, but how desperate are you to know? Are you willing to risk being deceived just to believe in something you just want to hear and believe?
Many wonder whether there really is a way of finding out. Will you regret your choice in putting your complete confidence in someone who claims they have all the answers? Will they be correct? Or will you suffer disappointment or beyond. It has been said that no one but Almighty God knows the future for anyone. Are you willing to seek his way for answers, or will you choose another way, a way that has been known to bring sorrow and counterfeit results--a way that has a reputation to continually fail, such as turning to a psychic?

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