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Be Who God Has Called You to Be—Come into His Presence and Become More Than You Ever Thought Was Possible
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Ellen Vanda
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When a woman enters into the presence of an empowering, faithful, merciful and loving Lord, her life will become more than she ever thought was possible. The book that I have written not only encourages women but also challenges them to enter into an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ. Become offers biblical teaching, along with modern-day humor about real-life circumstances and the challenges women face in todays society.
Becoming the woman who God has called you to be is an exciting adventure. Whether you are beginning the journey for the first time or have the desire for a more intimate relationship with your Creator, get ready for the most exhilarating experience of your life! As you begin to seek Gods plan and purpose for your life, everything will change. Your priorities, ideals, goals, expectations, and plans will become more aligned with Gods purpose and His plan. The more you seek God and spend time in His presence, the more you will begin to understand His Will for your life. It truly can be the greatest adventure you have ever embarked on a journey that will never end.

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