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Destination Italy

A Life's Journey with Divine Guidance
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Milly Born
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Destination Italy is the true story about how and why an atheist and her Christian husband come to live in Umbria, the green heart of Italy. In engaging descriptions, Milly Born portrays her bumpy journey in search of God, interwoven with striking excerpts from their life in Italy.
Having explored many roads on her quest for happiness to no avail, Milly senses that something essential is missing in her life. Is it the child she so desperately desires, or something as fundamental as an overall purpose? Struggling with emotional wounds and intellectual pride, she sets out on a spiritual journey. Along the way, books, circumstances, and people she meets make her ponder the possibility of a higher power. Eventually, she recognizes how a living God has pursued her all her life. What happens when she surrenders to him and accepts his direction?

It is not always easy to discern Gods purposes in day-to-day events and experiences. This lively and fascinating story seeks to incite you to reflect and recognize Gods guidance in your own life, so that you too may discover the path toward your divine destination.

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