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Woman, I Am Devotional

A Woman's Guide to Recognizing Identity and Fulfilling Purpose
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Chardoneé Wright
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The Woman, I Am Devotional can benefit any womansingle, married, young or old. Whether you are longing for a deeper walk with God or simply desire guidancethis twelve-month devotional was created for you. Over the course of a year, this guide will open your heart and mind to the many facets of a woman. Every month has a focus and provides scriptural references for meditation and memorization, monthly goals and challenges, prayers to recite, and reflection questions to aid in personal development. If only we would begin to dig deeper into the depths of our own soul, we would quickly realize the power and potential that lies within us. It is essential for all women to come into agreement of the QUEEN that God has created her to be. When this revelatory truth permeates past the flesh and bleeds into a womans spirither eyes will open to fulfill the call on her life.

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