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Steps to the Altar

Why a Chosen Generation Is Living Ashamed at the Altar
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Tobe Momah
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Over the years Ive fielded many questions about shame, so Im always on the lookout for a comprehensive and anointed guide for people dealing with shame. Frankly, I dont have all the answers, but I know that Jesus Christ, through the blood that He poured out, is the answer.
Thus, it was great for me to find out about STEPS to the Altar by Dr. Tobe Momah. It is a tremendous source for the important information and instruction that every believer needs and is sometimes embarrassed to ask others about. I believe this book is valuable and important.

You should read this book voraciously and keep it around when you are faced with the pitfalls and speed bumps of shame. Dr. Momah espouses a tremendous prescription that captured my complete attention.

Every reader will find much that can contribute to bringing about the complete deliverance you need from the unnecessary bondage of shame.

--Dr. Tim Todd, Revival Fires Monroe, Louisiana, USA

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