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Where the Meadowlark Sings

In Spoon River Country
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Betty L. Clifford
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Familythe very word evokes foundation, roots, genealogy, warmth, and belonging. A family is a treasured gift from God, our heavenly Father.
Due to circumstances beyond our control, our family was broken by our mother's untimely death. By faith and God's grace, our father was able to keep us together as a family unit. It takes much prayer and wisdom to raise a child and especially four of them.

Now in my own elder years, I am very thankful for this gift. How very empty and alone I would have been without knowing my father and brothers. Without being a part of this common ancestry and lineage. Wondering forever: Who am I? Why am I here? Instead I have inherited this unity, singleness of heart and bond of understanding that begins on the day of birth upon bonding with mother and father.

Family! Treasure it. Hold each member to your heart and never let them go.

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